Thursday, 23 July 2009

Seems Like Yesterday - Drown In Naked Air Revenge

Ini lagu Seems Like Yesterday kesukaan gue, judulnya Drown In Naked Air Revenge.
Buat yang lagi patah hati dan terpaksa harus mengakhiri sebuah perjalanannya,
ini lagu pas banget..
enaknya di dengerin sambil diresapi sengihnampakgigi apalagi yang versi pianonya,
dan lebih enak lagi kalo gue share liriknya.
ok, here we go...

Drown in the naked and revenge

this night fall with tears that we’ve drown me in sleep
cause i will fade out as my heart start to bleed...
this question been asked
i cry for the past
with angel in blue
i’ll sing this to you
i leave u with goodbye
i know its hurt for me
all the memories gone
i know i’m nothing for you
but i’ve tried do the best for you
and the story’s ending...
this time has been shared for you’re bitter and sour
when my eyes black out as my knees hit the floor
when thunder and storm try to knock down your door
i’ll be there to guard you so you will not fall

bagi yang mau download dan denger lagunya,:wala:

download (normal version)
download (with piano version)


  1. heu.. gw uda pnya versi biasanya dari kapan tau..
    tapi stlah dnger versi piano nya heu langsung dmen gw..
    pas pembawaannya sama tema lagunya..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. kak share lagu yang versi pianonya dong.. :)

  4. kira2 orang'a masi eksis ga ya????


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