Friday, 19 February 2010

New Poem From My New Friend

Seseorang yang awalnya kotakmerah reader dan kemudian kami berkenalan di dunia maya ini tadi pagi mengirimkan sebuah puisi.
I can't believe, i love his every single word...
Oh, well.. gue kira dia bercanda pas bilang "i want to make u a poem :o"
Gue seneng banget ternyata yang suka mampir ke kotakmerah ternyata pandai merangkai kata ya... hehe
Puisinya berjudul "
dott dee dott the dev"
what a funny name
senyum . when i asked " 'dee dott' why did u choose it?"
"i dont know .. just like "loop dee loop" .. kinda nick adding .. "
Lol. baca dulu aja ya puisinya.
okay, here it is :

By: Gregah
For: DottaDevil

Dott dee dott the dev

i found hair on burning hearts
dee dott dee dott
it caught my eyes so clearly seen
the rock crushing

bbq party with plenty of tarts
stupid guy asking what what what
never say never dont know why
i saw it surprisingly it got a half bitten

what made it got half bitten ?
how couldnt i figure it out ?

heres that thing , bothering
many people i found them bleeding
with kinda hatred feeling
hell no she is poeming


dee dott dee dott

maya wrote something
it must be kidding
shes a devil on a string
you have to know how she got me blushing

yea you right i found the devil
while i was doing blogwalking
what matters ?
she is tough tough tough but aint rough rough rough

how wonderful she painted her box with her horns
red devil came up to the shore
theres views with love and war

m sign on fore
wings on back
loves to be loved
trisula on left

head to the wall


fem corner !!

someone can win her frozen
into mild
proven me something
nothings survived without love

always scream
die , death , hate , ME !
i found it selfish
dee dott dee dott

its all hers
she got her own
i drank a lot
to make it sure

damn !!

i read once
and i said no
i wanted to advice
this lips said dont

cause i am
feeling this too
please understand
i say no to one thing

too affraid of get it on
better to shut
cause she wont hear anyway
floating , drowning


she is too tough til i cant shake any words

okay.. i love it. and thank you so much.
Setelah Renji yang dulu suka banget bermain kata di puisi untuk membalas puisi gue (still remember Renji? if you didn't even know him click here,
kali ini orang bernama Gregah - lah.

that's all for now.. see you next time


  1. dayyymmmmnnnn u really did it douu ??????
    haha thx a lot dott , i can make my dad proud , FINALLY !! (what the fvck ?! hahahahaha)
    well well well .. thx , again :)

  2. Hahaha. Yeah, bcos i love it. lol

  3. @Gregah : WONDERFUL! renji loves it.yeah,he definitely does! and that nick-adding things,that just helluva genius! why wouldn't i think about it before o_O

    @D : u really are inspiration ;)

  4. yes. he's brilliant and i love this poem :)

  5. wuahahahha gregah bikinin puisi buat dotta
    gua ga tau greg ternyata lo oragnya puitis

    sundul gan


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