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The Body Shop: Chocomania Products REVIEW

2 days ago, I received a package I've ordered from an English seller. Well, Josh sent it to me because he wanted to send me a shirt his dad got me too. Cute shirt with union jack printed on it HA! it's an official shirt for olympics, there's a picture of lion and i find 'TEAM GB' + 'ParalympicsGB' written on the back side haha. 
 I told the seller to send that chocomania gift box to his address because it would be cheaper if the seller send the package to his address instead of mine :D
Actually I didn't ask him to send it directly to me because it would cost him a lot of money and asked him to bring it when he comes to Indonesia instead. but he said it was ok :| well tbh I'm pretty happy but I feel quite bad cus he needed to spend his money on me again.
Let's start reviewing these products!
It's my first time writing a post in english. Considering the body shop is international brand then I think many people google the review of TBS product.
Well, I LOVE CHOCOLATE. do you?

And since TBS released chocomania, I was soo excited to get the products! Imagining the smell of my favourite thing in the world in a body care was so exciting. Then i finally got my first chocomania series.
I will start with umm... 

Chocomania Body Scrub REVIEW

'Chocomania exfoliant corporel'
Since I moved to Semarang, my skin gets dry way too often. I don't know why, maybe the extreme weather? teehe. It's quite annoying when I look at my arms and I find them soo dry and they turn white when i try to scratch 'em. EWW! :( So I was expecting that body scrub would help ;)
The first time i opened this product, do you ever smell cooked-dark chocolate? It smells the same!
It has delicious smell I must say. I applied it to my skin when I showered, before applying soap!
Because you need to scrub the dead cells first and you can clean it with body wash after:)
So I applied it to my skin and I never knew that this product contains a lot of oil. This product obviously has 'strong' oil base because after i washed my body with water, it made my body as slippery as eel! heheh.
Felt like I was just finished getting a body massage. This product is good for you who have a very dry skin. After showered, I really could feel that my skin got smoother! what a pleasure :))

Chocomania Shower Cream REVIEW 

'Chocomania creme de douche'
I applied it after I washed the body scrub from my body. The liquid reminds me of chocolate sauce I usually use for pancakes. I poured it to my hand and i used medium-shower puff.
What I dislike about this product is that it doesn't give me much bubbless :(
Quite disappointing because i love buhbbless... Maybe I just need to add more water so it can produce more bubbles? 
Lucky it has a very nice smell, so it made my shower time less boring.
So I will just give it 3 out of 5 stars

Chocomania Soap Review

The cutest soap shape that the body shop has!
Its heart-shaped shape made me wanted to buy it a few months ago, so as you see in the second picture, it's the recent pic I took from a soap I've purchased around 2 months ago and I've been using it for more than a month :)
It gives me more bubbles than chocomania body wash.  I still wonder what the black beads are made from. The UK TBS site said that they are coconut shell. They might be, but they will get kind of annoying when you use the soap often and the beads appear more and moree. Because the beads have rough texture. They're useful to exfoliate your skins but I have a sensitive skin too, so i'd better not to rub the soap in my skin too hard:)
But i love this soap! It's satisfying, eventhough the chocolate smell isn't too strong in this product.

Chocomania Body Butter Review

'Chocomania beurre corporel'
It's my favourite product of chocomania series!! 
It's quickly absorbed, the cream soaked into the skin really quickly and it has a veryyyy delicious scent! umm, yum! It makes me wanna eat it because it looks just like yoghurt with chocolate flavour.
It left my skin sweetly scented. I applied it in dry skin areas such as elbows, arms, knees and around my waist. The texture is soo buttery and it's rich of good ingredients!
It lasts a long time in my skin. It's excellent purchase. It keeps my skin hydrated.
If you ask what's on my mind when i sniff this product, I would say 'nomnom, chocolateyy!'

Chocomania Lip Butter Review 

'Chocomania beurre pour les levres'
My lips get dry often too. When I have nothing to do in my flat, I'd prefer using this product than tinted-lip balm I usually use.
The scent isn't really chocolate, the first sniff precisely reminds me of NUTS.
i don't really like peanuts. And this product has chocoNUT scent (well, for me).
But its instant hydration isn't disappointing. I love it still :)

I haven't purchased chocomania body lotion because the gift pack doesn't contain body lotion. But i would update this post as i get the lotion, but i don't know when :)) I still have my cherry blossom lotion but chocomania is so tempting! I didn't buy chocolate beautifying oil because i thought i wouldn't use it often. It's for dry skin but I already have body butter and scrub. It's useful for dry hair too but my hair gets oily often soo i don't think i will purchase that product unless i want to get a chocolate massage then chocolate beautifying oil would be a good oil to massage my body. hehehe
Hope this review helps you!


  1. Awww I'm glad you like it baby! I know you're a real choco-lover hehehe :p well I think your blog is well written and thoughtful, so good job! :*

  2. Hi there! Kau beli semua ini berapa harga? Serius deh aku pengen banget! Tapi harganya mahal banget!

  3. semua harganya bisa kamu cek disini:
    pembelian paketan bisa kena lebih murah :)

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    Lumayan nambah elmu.

    Gema Parfum :
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